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Filming HAB Video:

Link to Footage storyboad

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Planned Shots:

  •  A timelapse of the balloon going up, videoed from the ground on a tripod
  • Pictures of the people’s faces looking at the balloon
  • Gopro footage from the balloon
  • People walking away from the launch site, filmed from behind as they walk

Film Training:

This is a video I made with my thesis audio, music converted from youtube, and pictures that i’ve taken.

This photo frames the subject with the vertical lines.


This is a staged photo, I took it because I thought it looked artsy.


This is a portrait photo of Andrea, I took it at and angle to that the diagonal line of her arm is the first thing you see and it goes straight to her phone.


This a timelapse that Andrea and I took.

This is a candid photo of Andrea.


These photos show my use of directional lighting, lines, and the rule of thirds.


This photo shows my use of the golden ratio, rule of thirds, and my use of lines, golden hour, and directional lighting.dscn5281

This photo shows my use of the golden ratio, rule of thirds, and my use of lines.


Sweet dreams Are Made Of This Video:

Link to FinalVideo

Link to : Written Directors Commentary

These are pictures of our completed storyboards.


Scratch Build Rocket:

Final Rocket:

Link to:  Written Director’s Commentary



Making the Shock Cord:

When making the shock cord all we did was glue a cut rubber band in between a piece of craft paper and after that we used wood glue and glues the side with the craft paper in the rocket near the top.

Making the Nose Cone:

These pictures show the process of making the nose cone and all the trials and error we went through. First we were gonna use a plastic Easter egg and fill it with hard foam but it didn’t turn out as planned so we tried to fix it by sanding the egg off of the foam and filled it with glue. That didn’t work out. Andrew and us then tried to make another nose cone with heating a lid but it also didn’t work because it melted to much. Lastly, we decided we would try to make a nose cone with actual balsa wood by sanding and shaping it, that worked the best.

Making the Parachute:

These pictures show the parachute for our rocket being made. We used plastic biohazard bags, string, tape, and a hole puncher to make the parachute.

Painting Our Rocket:

These pictures show us painting our rocket. Andrea did most of the painting and she also painted the dinosaur on it. We tried to make it look like layers of the earth starting at lava on the wings and ending at the blue sky on the nose cone.

Making Our Rocket Body: 

These pictures show us making the body of the rocket out of wood glue, craft paper, and a pvc pipe.

Link to Schedule

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Our Vision and Design:



The vision for our rocket is to be really aerodynamic but look cool at the same time. We also based our design off past rockets and how they worked out. Kathya was the person that got the ball rolling and started working on the rocket design and she showed us her ideas and then we changed little things here and there. Andrea had the idea that we should paint our rocket so it didn’t looks like a plain brown tube, she is going to paint it, making it look like layers of the earth starting at dinosaur fossils. Lastly, I have been working on the little details of the rocket, measurements for things, figuring out a mold for the motor, our materials list, and the parachute. We think that our rocket will fly high and look cool while doing so.

(Rough Drafts for Design and Measurements of Rocket)

Balsa wood Rockets:

Final Rocket Video:

Rocket 2 Launch 2

Rocket 2 Launch 2 Reflection

Making A Motor:

Balsa Wood Rocket 1 Rough Edit #1

Final Writing Piece for Rocket and Launch 1:

In making and launching the rocket I learned that the weight of the rocket and motor size should both be big or both be small but they shouldn’t be one small and the other big.Even though size matters, I learned that if the rocket doesn’t fly it is most likely the motors fault. Next time we will definitely make our rocket shorter and lighter because it was to long and it will get lighter from shortening it and sanding more.