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Story- Aries’ Favorite Place

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Balsa Project Reflection

Personal Introduction:

“The world is your oyster” . Recently I found out out what this saying meant. I haven’t thought about this for a few months but when I think about the Earth being my spaceship and I it’s astronaut , I connect them together. My world is what I make of it. I plan on making my world great and everyone else’s better than it was before. My ambition is to help people. Humans inspire me but they shock me with what they create in our community of worlds we call earth.

When I am assigned a project I always work hard for everything to turn out as planned or better. I always expect greatness from myself no matter what I do, even though at times it may take me longer to understand things. I’m excited to make rockets but i’m also a ,little nervous because I don’t really know anything about rockets, motors, or anything that has to do with them. I hope that even though we are learning about rockets, we will also learn about literature and writing because I enjoy that and may want a career in it one day. I’m a little nervous about this semester but I am also optimistic that this will be exciting and I will learn a lot.The