Emerson’s “Nature” Essay

INTRO    As I walked past shining sea art gallery I became aware of the most uplifting and truly amazing painting of the Ocean Beach pier, with the sun setting in the perfect place. All I could think about was my childhood and all exciting memories from the place I used to call home. It was almost as if gravity was pulling me toward that exquisite piece of art, I couldn’t resist going in and taking a better look. It was truly a beautiful sight to see, I asked the owner if the piece was for sale but sadly he said it wasn’t. When I asked why he answered that this was this was the piece that pulled most customers in. After that I looked around for a bit and eventually bought a smaller piece. Later on, while at home I realized that the amazing painting that wasn’t for sale was so thought provoking and powerful that that was the reason that I bought anything.

Beauty is a powerful quality and opinion.  It can be everywhere and nowhere it is really just an opinion but we treat it as so much more. A piece of art may be worth tons of money and a person may pay that price for it, because they see it as enchanting and meaningful. Then there is another person who will find their priceless treasure without even meaning to. Beautiful things are different in everyone’s eyes, it can be worth millions but it may also just be free.     

CLAIM 1    Beauty is everything and nothing. Nature is such a beauty and a commodity. Nature is so beautiful and is a very vast commodity.Emerson once wrote ”There is no object so foul that intense light not make beautiful.” It is everywhere and is in everything in one form or another. Nothing is ever really ever a fact of beauty for beauty is just an opinion that transforms into emotions. It is never really beautiful because beauty has been morphed into something where it isn’t just about emotions anymore, it’s about the aftermath from when one decides it’s beautiful.

CLAIM 2  Beauty is the thing that controls human emotions. If a person looks at a beautiful sunset they will most likely smile. A person smiles when they are happy and beautiful things can people happy . Beautiful things can also make people sad, it just depends on the thing.Beauty isn’t just black and white, but that is what makes beauty beautiful.We may see a painting that is undeniably the most horrendous thing we have ever seen, but to another it may be the thing that reminds them of the good old days when they were happy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is why emotions play a huge role in determining beauty.

CLAIM 3 Beauty can make you or break you, just like all other powerful qualities out there. I believe beauty is also a commodity because it can consume a person if they let it, but it may also be an amazing thing. There is a chance that the person will gain the feeling that they will never have enough because they have such a great commodity already. A commodity can help or hurt a person, it just depends on if you give it the power to or  not.

CLOSING THESIS  Emerson once wrote “The eye is the best of artists.” I believe that he is saying that we are able to see and make opinions about significant or even insignificant objects. We have the power to say if something is beautiful or even valuable because we are the ones that experience it to its fullest extent. By looking at an inanimate object we are able to feel many different emotions, that’s amazing. We have the knowledge to determine if something is beautiful and a commodity just by emotions and experiences. Beauty is an enormous commodity because we are able to gain so much from it and beauty is everlasting in which we will never be able to ever get enough.

Description of assignment/work:

For this assignment we had to write an essay identifying Emersons thesis, in a chapter from his long essay called “Nature”. we also had to think of 3 claims to support our thesis. In all we had to have at least five paragraphs and it had to be critiqued multiple times. I believe its purpose was to help my class make a connection between Emerson’s text and our thoughts and lifes. At first we organized our thoughts by putting them on a graphic organizer and then we started typing up our first drafts. In total I think I had about four drafts where I changed lots of stuff or just added a sentence or paragraph.

New skills learned: 

While completing this assignment I learned that the first draft won’t always be perfect (or in my case the third). Also I feel as if I have a better understanding of Emerson and also now I think that Emerson is like fifty percent smarter than I thought he was.

Connection to class content:

In class we talk about how different the technology is from Emerson’s lifetime and now. It feels crazy to think that Emerson’s writing still fits in todays society, yet we are so advanced in technology. We have been reading and going over Nature for what seems like a while now and it feels awesome that I kind of understand(because Emerson can be very confusing).

Personal reflection:

I could have done better on being on task and finishing my work faster. I kept on getting bored or distracted while working on this essay, which is a little frustrating after. Although it seemed to take me a while to focus or stay on track, once i was working i believe that I did quality work and i did my best at changing what I wrote with given criticism. In the end I added a big part to the essay and I believe that is what changed my self score because I was well written and I think it made the essay way better

Current Score:

I believe that my score should be a 9/10 because I worked hard and also I feel as if my essay is well written and good. I did not give myself a 10 because I feel that I could have been a little more on task and I also think I took a little longer than it should have to completely finish my essay.

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