Visual Art 2

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.45.26 AM

“The two birds did rise up to fly

And where the two birds were

flying I swear I saw you and I, I swear I saw you and I.”


Description of assignment/work:

This assignment was to take a picture and add a caption with either a quote by Sting, Ralph Waldo Emerson or Neil Young. The purpose of this complicated assignment was to give us a better understanding on how to use Adobe Illustrator and and Adobe Photoshop. The outline for this assignment was that we had to take pictures that had to relate to nature and they also had to go along the content of our reading and lyrics from the songs “Natural Beauty” or “I was Brought to My Senses.” While doing this piece we didn’t only work on the subject of humanities but we also worked in Photography, multi media, and literature.

New skills learned:

We learned many new things during the course of this assignment. We learned how to use the different tools in Adobe Photoshop and also in Adobe Illustrator.  At first we had trouble in Photoshop because we were struggling to understand the magnetic lasso tool but our teacher, Mike Strong, helped us out and also our peers helped.

Connection to class content:

It was awesome the connection in our minds about how in class we are talking about nature and then we are able to go outside and experience nature for ourselves. After reading a few chapters of text that was written by Ralph W. Emerson we had to get a photo about nature. the catch was that we have to go out in nature and get the real experience for ourselves. we made the connection was that we can learn about nature in the classroom but at some point it helps to get the real experience for ourselves.

Personal reflection:

I believe that I did an okay job in this assignment.My partner and I did the last picture a few days ago but now I feel that we did a good job because our art is pretty. It took us longer because we are still beginning to understand how to use Photoshop correctly, but the pieces that we finished are very nice.

Current Score:

Now that my partner and I have finished our Whole assignment I believe that I deserve an 7.5/10 because our Photoshop art pieces are nice and connect very well with the quotes we used.

I give myself a when it come to Adobe applications. We plan on eventually getting a 10/10 on this task and becoming more knowledgeable with Adobe applications.

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